This week I would like to introduce you to the wilderness and more specificaly how to safely venture into the forrest. Nature is facinating but you need to know how to safely explore it.

Outdoor survival skills



    Seeds, berries or other kinds of root vegetables can be dried for future use.  The roots are cooked and mashed into small flat cakes and then dried on flat rocks until hard.  Berries must be partially dried first and then mashed into cakes for the final drying by being pounded in a mortar or they can be mixed with pounded meat or other kinds of protein.  They could be birds, or other kinds of protein plant base  These dried cakes must be broken up or ground before they are added to stew or soup. For general use, seeds are ground into flour and they could be dampened until soft and could be made into a dry paste.    



   The plant that is a member of the carrot family should be identified first before it is eaten. When these plants are cooked in any of the ways used for potatoes, they keep for many days.


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survival in the night

This acorn is common in the wilderness.  They are a good source of food for native wildlive

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Course #1: Introduction to Tour Wat (Temple Tour)

- General intro to the course

- How to navigate Thai tourism and travel in Thailand

- Learn about general sightseeing in Bangkok, the capital

- Technical words about architecture

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Course #2: Thai Temple Tour

- You will learn about the 5 top temples to see

- The history behind these temples

- Customs to follow when visiting as foreigners

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Course #3: Grand Palace Tour

- How to get access to the Grand Palace

- The story behind the features of the Grand Palace

- Can't miss details

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Course #4: Northern Thailand

- Recommended modes to get to Thailand

- Benefits of bus and train travel

- The anthropology of northern Thailand

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Northeastern Thailand

You will learn:

  • the prehistoric history of this area and the major sites
  • Wildlife in the region
  • Music and folklore.

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Southern Thailand 

You will learn about:

  • The geography of the region
  • The unique sea life
  • The art, music and dance that are unique to the region

$ 25.00/month

Eastern or Western Thailand

You will learn about:

  • The geography of the region and major provinces
  • Specific types of the plants and animals of the region
  • The natural wildlife of the region

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Other temples around the country

You will learn about:

  • Other Historical Places around the country
  • Other major sightseeing that you can’t miss
  • Food unique in each region

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