This week I would like to mention more about survival skills more specificaly how to safely venture into the forrest and desert. Nature is fascinating but you need to know how to safely explore it.

The theme of finding water , about 56 years ago : The Making of an Astronaut. Outdoor survival skills in finding the source of 



     Most of the moisture can be found on the sloping side of the hills in an area of dry mountain range.  It is usually on the other side there is the collection of water along narrow canyons and gullies. As for the source of water search, should be followed up to their heads because small seeps and springs are often located nearby but it only runs only a short distance before drying up.

     A good part of the survivalist’s food source lives in or near the water. We don’t know how important it is until we lack of it. Like water the astronaut know how critical important the water is. That is why even the spacemen who study geology need to know how to understand the other planets at the same time: where do you find water on this planet? They have to practice studying the land under conditions like the desert.  In the American desert, the land is made up of uplifted sandstone ridges or folds that sometimes run a hundred miles or more and completely dissect the land areas into separate valleys and drainages.


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Above : Specialzed Rooms: Survival Skills will benefit you in many ways

Below: a make believe : Room look like Out 0f Space or Moon Room

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