This week I would like to introduce you to the wilderness and more specificaly how to safely venture into the forrest. Nature is facinating but you need to know how to safely explore it.

The theme of finding water in Minari, the 2021 film: Outdoor survival skills


      Minari beautifully captures what it means to root yourself somewhere new. We all in our own way are like plants: we need a source of water – a source of nourishment and security. Farmers back in that time relied on ancient methods like dowsing – remember that scene in the movie where the water dowser guy was going to charge the main character an exorbitant price to find him a water source underground. What are some other ancient methods?


      Water from the air and from plants in the wilderness. In the old days, the primitive people supplied themselves with water by arising before dawn to mop up the dew from rocks and plants.  A person using this technique in desert areas can feed many plants and trees certain enough water or even just to quench thirst. The easiest way to gather water is to use a handkerchief or other cloth if handkerchief is not available,  a handful of dry grass will do the job.

steven yeun minari 2021
alan kim minari water stick

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Above : Steven-Yeun-Minari-Digging For Water

Below: Alan-Kim-Minari with water stick

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