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Interested in learning tour guide skills, professional skills, inter-personal skills? We offer courses customized for Thai and English speakers. For Thai Speakers to excel in English, including special training in medicine and tourism. For EVERYONE to learn about Thai culture.


Over 30 years of combined experience & expertise

From working in multiple domains, I have been able to learn from the best in medical interpreting, tourism, and travel. 

Learn how to give tours

Thailand, with it's art and architectural beauty, has so much to offer. My courses show how to talk about various regions. 


Thailand: Land of Smiles

Thailand is one of many countries that have dynasties of legend. Historians credit a vast array of legendary and incredible accomplishments of ancestors that dated back more than 

700 years ago. That is how anthropologists also play a role in our better understanding of social norms and cultural values including Thai beliefs. The question is: why I am interested

in anthropology? Firstly, I started my career as a tour guide, and really love to learn about many cultures, people and languages. I did not study anthropology, but then I met my husband and he really has an influence on my efforts to understand more about my own culture. 

I started my translation career about 25 years ago when I was contracted to both translate industrial manuals and also serve as an interpreter for the Employment Development Department on behalf of unemployed Thai clients. From that point on, I built my expertise

with varied experiences. I started interpreting on a daily basis for all kind of services

such as insurance, immigration, 911 calls, medical and court interpreting. I love what I do. You may learn more about my service by visiting https://www.thaipjtranslation.wordpress.com

I love to learn about Thai Natives and I love my country and it's people. After completing a Bachelor's Degree in English at the prominent Thai university Chulalongkorn, I worked as a tour guide for foreigners visiting Thaland (after finishing Tour Guide Course Certification organized by Tourism Authority of Thailand and Silpakorn University). I  loved being able to use my bilingual skills to help people learn new things and to communicate. I decided to move to the U.S. to pursue a career in interpreting. I created PJ Translation in order to realize my dream of helping people communicate across unlimited disciplines.