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This week I would like to continue telling more about survival skills more specificaly how to safely venture into the forrest and desert. Nature is fascinating but you need to know how to safely explore it.

How to find stone type,   make a stone for.         cutting, digging, scraping chopping and building   and lodging. Outdoor survival skills to find food sources.


      In the past decade men’s survival depended a great measure upon the ability to utilize and modify to immediate surroundings.  To accomplish the tasks of cutting, digging,  scraping chopping,  and building, they developed a remarkable array of tools made of stone.  The skills required to produce such workable tools were made of stone.  The skills required to produce such workable tools were more complex than one might imagine and show evidence of a high degree of inventiveness and manual dexterity.  The amount of work that can be done with these tools is indeed remarkable.


      When cutting blades or other specialized tools are needed, a

striking platform must be constructed on the core.  This is done by breaking a rock in half, leaving two cores, each with one flat surface. Striking blades from the core is then relatively easy. If the stroke carries all the way through the core, good blades will be produced consistently.  If the core is worked around with even strokes, a number of razor-    sharp blades can be made before the core is exhausted.


     It is hard to believe that even primitive men in Mindanau Philipines or in New Guinea are still using stone to help in cooking dinner.


 Survival Skills will benefit you in many ways especially knowledge of making tools especially use from the nature. These are the tools that were used in the old age.

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