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Thailand translates into "the land of freedom". For more than 800 years, Thai people have defended the country's independence. "Sukhothai" was known as "The first independent Thai kingdom. It means"the dawn of happiness". It was a land of plenty. In the old days, the people defined themselves as agrarian. Rice is the staple food for Thais. It is believed that "rice" represents the cycle of life. Since monsoon control the rain whether the rainy season(the south-west monsoons) and the north-east monsoons, which are dry and it is called the cool season; and the third one,is the hot season which falls between these periods. If you would like to know more, please enroll in the course, we will provide additional information.


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Violence is an absolute evil. You lose if you resort to violence, regardless of the reason. You may think you have beaten your opponent, but ultimately you have lost. For when you harm another, you actually harm yourself. When it comes down to it, people who readily use violence and have no respect for others' lives have no respect for their own lives.

Ikeda,the spiritual leader, mentioned that the dual role of the nation-state is to govern its citizens and conduct foreign diplomacy. When diplomacy fails to resolve problems, states resort to armed conflict, thus becoming the most virulent cause of mutual massacre in human society.


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