All things and phenomena exist in relationship with other beings, and phenomena. We believe that all people are equal and that every individual is worthy of respect. We strive to integrate this belief into our daily behavior. Just as the butterfly effect shows, a bunch of tiny actions (like the butterfly flapping its wings) can completely transform a situation. The effects of our thoughts, words and actions can manifest in places and moments we least expect; just like the wind created by tiny flapping of the butterfly can accumulate into a tornado many miles away.

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เรารับแปลเอกสารต่างเช่นใบเกิด หย่า ตาย ทะเบียนบ้าน และเอกสารต่างๆเป็นภาษาอังกฤษเพื่อใช้ในการทำถิ่นที่อยู่ในประเทศสหรัฐค่ะ หรือประเทศอื่นๆก็ดี


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What makes someone a hero? Napoleon

maintained,"True heroism consists in being superior to t.he misfortunes of life." To have never tasted failure, defeat or misfortune is not heroism or happiness, for that matter. A truly heroic way of life lies in squarely confronting and courageously overcoming the pounding vicissitudes that life always throws in our paths.(DOY 2/24/96)

**Thank you for all comments** Emerson writes: Without enemies, no hero. The sun were insipid, if the universe were not opaque."

In other words, because there are enemies,

people can become heroes. Because there is

darkness, the sun ,illuminating darkness, is great.(DOY 1/6/96)